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Bob Dohlke

Memoirs of a Vietnam Air Commando. A fantastic book about his experiences during his time in the United States Air Force and missions flying during the Vietnam War and beyond.

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Memoirs of A Vietnam Air Commando 

As a teen, I knew small town life wasn't for me. I wanted to see the world from the cockpit of an airplane and serving my Country was the best way to do that. I just wasn't prepared for all it would take to get there. Extreme weather, snakes, pain, loneliness and losing buddies was overwhelming at times. I saw the horrors of war and also the pride and joy of being on a team serving our troops. I sure got plenty of flying time and I was glad for the opportunity.
Come along on my journey as I share some of the many missions and experiences I had in the Air Force as an Air Commando.


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What a great book to read! If you don't personally know Robert Dohlke, you will after reading this book! He covers where he grew up, life before the Air Force, enlisting, and details of his flying missions! I guarantee that once you start reading this book, you won't put it down! I also liked his personal photo album at the end of the book. Robert Dohlke is still extremely active in supporting our troops.
Sincerely, Joe and Pam Penna

"What a Great Book!"

Pam Penna, 4-5-22

The title of this book intrigued me. Having known so many Vietnam vets and being married to one, I thought there was not much I have not heard of what our troops went through. I was wrong. Nora Joan Dohlke did a wonderful job getting her husband, Bob to share many details from his jungle training; that was so harsh and rigorous, it was shut down the year after Bob endured it, to his mission which earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross with V for Valor and much, much more. After reading of his tenacity, bravery and sacrifices, I was brought to tears. It gave me a fuller picture of what our people went through over there. They are no longer thankless heroes! Let’s support this one by learning his story.

"This  Book Will Move You!"

Lola Mae 3-25-22

From the first page to the last the stories contained keep the reader hooked!! Crazy to think one man lived through this all… excellent read!!

Incredible Story Telling and Incredible Stories!"

Ryan Andrews 4-26-22

Interesting look from an insider

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I'll be coming to a book store or event near you soon!

June 1 2022, Travis Air Force Base, Book Signing at the Main Exchange, 7PM - 8PM PST

June 8th 2022, North Island Naval Air Station, Book Signing at the Main Exhange, 4PM - 6PM PST

June 11th 2022, Online Book Reading With Bob Dohlke, 3PM - 4PM PST


About Bob Dohlke

This book is detailing some missions and events Bob had during the Vietnam War and my time in the Air Force and Air Commandos. Bob was raised in Minnesota and left at 18 years old to join the Air Force. During his time in the Air Force he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with V for Valor and many other air medals. We now live in Northern California with 6 children, 14 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.   

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