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Memoirs of a Vietnam Air Commando (2022)  

A Novel 

As a teen, I knew small town life wasn't for me. I wanted to see the world from the cockpit of an airplane and serving my Country was the best way to do that. I just wasn't prepared for all it would take to get there. Extreme weather, snakes, pain, loneliness and losing buddies was overwhelming at times. I saw the horrors of war and also the pride and joy of being on a team serving our troops. I sure got plenty of flying time and I was glad for the opportunity.
Come along on my journey as I share some of the many missions and experiences I had as an Air Commando.


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Memoirs of a Vietnam Air Commando (2023)

A Re-Imagines Comic Book Series 

I'm working on re-creating my story into a beautiful graphic novel comic book series. This series will expand into greater detail the stories from my book and other stories

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